Search Engine Optimization

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Below is an excerpt from an email response I recently sent to a client who was inquiring about why they didnt see their site in Google search results.

“Search Engine placement is of course key to any business.  The way it works is each search engine (google, yahoo etc) utilizes crawlers that continuously search the web for new sites and updates to existing sites.  You can expect your site to be “crawled” at least 2 times a month.  I would say that as of today if the site is not showing up it is only a matter of days before it starts showing up.  Generally it takes several weeks for a site to show up.

Additionally the keywords we discussed are embedded in the site and I submitted your site to both Google and Yahoo to be sure they include it in their “crawling”.  I do my best to make sure each site I work on gets included in search results.

That being said others spend thousands on Search Engine Optimization in order to come up on the top of the list.  Even the best SEO companies can’t guarentee top placement.  It is a tough game.

Some things I will suggest to help.  Register your business on Google Maps.  They have some steps to verify you are legit, including calling your phone number with a verification code.  Putting yourself  “on the map” is a great help for placement.

Also recipricol links are key to Search Engine success.  This is basically link sharing or a link exchange.  You put your URL on another website in exchange for putting theirs on yours.  The more you do this the more recognized you become to the search engines.  Try looking for business directories on the web.  They will require you to post their links, so just send them to me and I will add a links page to your site and post them there for you.  If you would like I will post your link on my site to start and mine will be on yours.

Please know I will work with you.  While I am not an expert at SEO, I know what the search engines are looking for.  In order to get good placement it takes some legwork.  Very rarely will a site rise to the top on its own.”

I think a common misconception is that just because you have a website means that you will automatically start gaining new business.  You need to put some work into it to make it work for you.  This means using direct mailing and advertising to drive people to your website.