Web Design and Hosting

Web Design & Hosting

Establishing a presence on the World Wide Web is essential in today’s marketplace. Customers rely on getting their information from and communicating over the internet. If you don’t have a web page, chances are you are missing out on potential customers.

Why you need a web page-
• New and existing customers get instant access to your business
• Highlight your work through photo galleries or testimonials
• Easily update customers without expensive mailers or advertising
• Check out your competition! Chances are they are already on the web

Triton offers web design and hosting for about a dollar a day. For basic web sites there is a one time set up fee of $300 and a monthly charge of $30. This includes the web site design consisting of up to 10 pages, a unique domain name, unlimited email addresses and updates to your site up to twice a month for no extra charge.
A basic website usually consists of information about your business, some photos of your products, your store or location and examples of what it is you do.

Sites requiring eCommerce or more then 10 pages are priced differently. Check our pricing for more info.
It usually takes less then two weeks to create and post your website. If at that time you are not happy and you feel you are not 100% satisfied, your set up fee will be returned to you.

If you have more questions, contact Triton or visit our FAQ page