What do I need to get started?
You will need to supply all copy, pictures and content that you want to have on your site.
Click Here for a helpful guide to get you started.  Triton will need all of this information to build your website. If you don’t have any of that information, for an additional fee, Triton will be happy to help you write copy, takes pictures and even help create a logo for you.

How do I make changes to my site?
All changes need to be sent in writing to Triton. It is important that the changes be made correctly, and having them in written form usually eliminates any confusion.

What if I already purchased my domain name?
Not a problem. Triton can help you make the appropriate settings to have your domain name set to our servers.

What if I already have a web site?
There are several options available to you. Triton can move your existing files as long as your current hosting service or web designer allows you to use those files. Triton can also recreate the site on our servers. It is best to discuss your options with Triton.

How does my website get on Google and Yahoo?
Triton will submit your new site to both search engines. Getting good search results is based on the keywords you provide Triton during your setup. Choose keywords that you think people looking for you on the web would use, or check out some of the keywords your competition is using.